Christmas Dinner

I was totally going to write a post 3 weeks ago about my second Thanksgiving, but grad school applications. That’s my excuse for everything now. They are all encompassing and I’m freaking out only really like a lot.

Thanksgiving dinner where I sublet hosting duties from the Taiyanggong folks turned out amazing. I journeyed over early in the morning with supplies and my oven to start cooking. My magical oven baked the 13 pound turkey in half the time it was supposed to take. Pies were made, all the traditional fixings, stuffing, candied sweet potatoes, roast Brussels sprouts, sweet corn casserole, cranberry relish, etc. There was also some latke making using competing grandmothers’ recipes–I did not participate, but enjoyed the latkes very much with the Thanksgiving food. Food comas aplenty.

It’s been a  busy month. Thanksgiving, then I participated in this charity cookie bake off, work has been super busy with everyone cramming stuff in before the holidays, I catered a large holiday party,  cooked a bunch of appetizers for a small holiday party with friends, attended a couple more holiday parties, and tried to write my grad school essays in between all this. I’m holiday partied out.

Of course, that didn’t stop me from putting together a dinner for Christmas. A friend generously let me take over her kitchen and apartment to host 15 people, and I put together a lovely little menu. Friends also made a deep fried turkey as the main course, which  convinced my confused brain that we’re still in November. Some of the highlights–kumquat chili jam, pan seared foie gras with apple-pear compote, grilled flank steak, almond financier cakes! It was lovely, there was a surfeit of food, and I’ll definitely post the recipes shortly. You know, once grad school applications aren’t hanging over my head.