Cucumber-Lime Rickey

I’ve been going on different beverage kicks this summer. I’ve cut soda pretty much entirely out except when I’m feeling sick or there’s no other good alternative.  I’ve been trying to drink that recommended amount of water every day, but sometimes, well, a body craves something else.  My fall back beverage, and laziest, is just to pick up a carton of juice from the store and dilute at about a 3:7 ratio with bubbly water. It’s like making my own Izze sodas.  I made batches of lemonade for a while during July, and moved on to pitchers of sweet tea. I made a batch of cherry shrub that lasted a couple weeks, and then ginger syrup for homemade ginger ale. I had a little bottle left of ginger syrup when I was invited out to KTV. Not content to attend and drink either the stomach-clenching-fake alcohol that would be available or the plentiful but cheap, warm, and generally displeasing Snow beer, I decided to bring my own cocktail.

I muddled the ginger syrup with mint, lime juice, and cut up cucumber, added ice, a generous amount of Hendrick’s gin, and filled up the rest of the bottle with soda water. Cucumber Ginger-Lime Rickey: slightly more complex than your run of the mill Lime Rickey, bright and entirely refreshing.

The pleased reactions of those who shared a few sips of the cocktail inspired me to also start making this non-alcoholic for after work. I precut cucumber slices and lime wedges on Monday and popped in the fridge. After work, no hard task to chuck that with a few leaves from the mint plant I’ve been coaxing along, a dash of syrup, and to add ice and bubbly water to the pitcher. It’s a nice alternative to iced tea in the evenings, while still a little bit of flavor.



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