Southern Fried Chicken

Let’s talk comfort food. It’s just one of those days. I sat around at work all jittery and unfocused, checking the news, checking my phone, doing annoyingly little and last minute tasks for my boss who was also feeling stressed and worried (albeit for different reasons). Food and comfort.

I was planning on eating leftover farro salad. Waking up at 5:30 this morning, I made myself a steak and cut it up into small pieces and put it over the farro-apple salad with miso dressing I wrote about earlier (only this version lacked any edamame because they thawed out too quickly when my freezer defrosted). I brought it to work to keep cool in the fridge all day, but I just couldn’t take it home with me again to eat. I left it for lunch the next day. I needed something warm and savory and salty and greasy. I was browsing tastespotting and clicked on a link for bone marrow custard. Holy shit it looks amazing and I’m definitely making that this weekend once my refrigerator has been replaced. I also looked up a recipe for fried chicken, which I was going to make over the weekend, but then looking at the pictures I started getting cravings. And, at least in terms of food, I live by Oscar Wilde’s words, the only way to get rid of a  temptation is to yield to it. So fried chicken for dinner it was.

Deep fried, crispy and moist. I could eat a bucket of this chicken all by myself. This recipe is for a whole chicken broken down into pieces, not just the few I made for myself, but as I did, is easily reduced to smaller servings.

Chicken legs/thighs/parts
3 eggs beaten with 1/3 cup water, 1/2-1 cup hot sauce to taste. I use a mix of Frank’s Hot Sauce and Sriracha, because sriracha makes everything better.
2 cups flour + 2 tsp baking powder, salt
Pepper, salt, garlic powder, dash of paprika and turmeric mixed together

Heat a wok-full of vegetable oil to about 350F,don’t let the oil get too hot, or the outside will burn and the middle will still be raw, particularly with larger pieces of chicken (use a candy thermometer, or pure instinct). Rinse and pat chicken dry. Season the chicken quite generously with the salt+pepper+garlic mix, then dip into the spicy egg wash. Then, roll and coat each piece in the flour mixture, and place the chicken in hot oil. If you’re making a lot of chicken at once, heat your oven to 200F and prepare a baking sheet, to keep the finished chicken warm and crispy. I only had a few pieces, which were cooked in one batch. Let dark meat fry for about 12-14 minutes until golden crispy brown. Less time for white meat, but that shit’s gross, so why even bother.

I served this with some sweet potato fries  and roasted cauliflower, with sriracha aioli (because put that rooster sauce on everything, damnit).

When I came home I turned on a lamp, which immediately sparked with a loud “pop” and all the power went out. Flipping the switches on the fuse box didn’t help at all. I had to call maintenance and wait an hour in the dark until he fiddled with stuff in the electricity adding room and fixed it, so dinner was a late start. Still, it was simple enough that the sweet potato and cauliflower cooked while I made mayo and the chicken, and then relaxed with a delicious and satisfying meal and a cold beer.



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