In Which Robot Starts Boxing, Hilarity Will Probably Ensue

So somewhere along the way I decided that running marathons isn’t enough torture, no, no I needed to take it up a notch, and when some friends mentioned they were signing up for a boxing class, this silly robot decided, wow, that sounds like fun!

Part of my logic is that if I pay for three-times a week class where I commit to showing up and getting yelled at to do get into shape and do abdominal conditioning, then I’ll actually go, instead of paying for a gym membership and then going three times in 6 months and half heartedly doing some pushups and running on the treadmill. The downside is, of course, committing to showing up and having some ridiculous Muay Thai fighter yell at you to do ab work. We haven’t even gotten to the punching part, and I’m dying. I can only assume that I’m going to get hit in the face, or fall over my own feet, or some other catastrophe. Thank goodness for Vitamin I(bu profen). Because I am in some serious pain, and it’s only been two classes. Things I’ve learned about myself thus far: I am REALLY clumsy and have no balance to speak of. Ab work is GOING to kill me. And I haven’t done a real push up…in years.

So since two of these classes are late evenings after work, there are going to be two nights a week when I get home at 10 pm without the energy to stand, much less cook dinner. And really, my wallet can only handle late night emergency orders of Gung Ho pizza so many times. So yesterday I went to Sanyuanli bright and early and loaded up on all sorts of food product–my plan was to make many, many dinner and freeze them. After the Sunday class, however, I had no strength to cook, I merely tottered to dinner with friends at yang tui and gorged myself on lamb (I dare you to not feel like either a warring Mongol or a dragon while hacking into a sizzling haunch of lamb while it roasts on top of flames). But I did manage to prepare a brine for the whole chicken I’m roasting and soak the bone marrow.

Also, the only other thing I accomplished over my weekend was to make smoothie popsicles. In an attempt to a) eat breakfast regularly, even when chronically late for work, b) to eat healthy breakfasts instead of muffins from Costa and c) to stop spending so much money at the rip-off Jamba Juice near the office, I bought a couple bags of frozen berries and yogurt from April Gourmet, some mangos and bananas and red-fruits juice at Sanyuanli. Blended up about equal parts of mango, banana, raspberry and blueberry with a splash of the juice and a few spoonfuls of yogurt. Then I poured this into popsicle molds I bought at Carrefour when I first moved, but had forgotten about all summer. The result? Tasty, refreshing, portable breakfast popsicle.

This is also a good way to pre-make smoothies–if not in popsicle molds, then in an ice tray or muffin tin, blend a big batch, freeze into cubes, and when you’re ready for a smoothie, instead of having to assemble all the fruit and juice and yogurt, just blend up a couple of the frozen smoothie-pucks.


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