An Ode to Poached Eggs and Bacon Jam

I’ve been very busy at work and also with the whole cake-baking thing, and I’m also verging on broke while I’m waiting to become legal and receive a paycheck. So I find myself making a lot of very simple, quick meals this past week. And I’ve been relying on eggs.

I like eggs. They’re useful. Fairly healthy, as far as I’m concerned. Amazingly versatile. Cooked, I’m kind of ambivalent about egg yolks. A completely fried egg is less tasty than one over easy, but it’s still a fried egg. Hard-boiled egg yolks are disgusting. But a perfectly executed over easy egg—which I have no end of trouble accomplishing—is really just perfection. Poached eggs? Transcendent. You put a fried or poached egg on top of anything, it makes it better. Ramen noodles, scallops (put an over easy quails egg over a jumbo die for), pulled pork sandwiches, toast, really, its a long list of things that are automatically improved with the addition of a little golden yolk.

For me, poaching an egg is far easier than getting a cooked-white but runny-yolk fried egg. You bring water in a saucepan with a splash of vinegar to simmer, so bubbles are just starting to form. Then you turn the heat down, so there are little or no bubbles. Crack the egg in a small bowl, careful not to bread the yolk. Give the water a stir so that it swirls, gently pour the egg into the middle of it, and then leave it there for four-five minutes. Et voila, you’re done. Remove the egg with slotted spoon and either place on top of whatever you’re serving right away, or put it into a bowl of chilled water (to prevent it from cooking more) while you poach however many eggs you need.

I found a package of what I thought was spinach, but turned out to be a very pretty purple-green amaranth leaf for about a dollar, and half of this I stir fried with garlic and egg one night, and the next, sautéed and served with fried cumin and paprika spiced potato slices and a poached egg. And last night before all the cakes I had to consume, I had a simple cucumber and cherry tomato salad on the side of toast spread with my homemade bacon jam topped with poached eggs. Holy crap. This was more delicious than I thought it would be. The bacon jam has a sweet cider-and-coffee-and-brown-sugar taste (I bet maple syrup would give it a nice flavor kick as well), and well, warm golden yolk coating the toast and bacon jam…it’s a mouthful of crisis. It’s all the best parts of breakfast in one bite. I had been planning on serving the bacon jam at my housewarming party as part of a selection of canapés, but it might not last that long.

Heaven in your mouth right now. Everything that is good and great about breakfast.


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