New Apartment

I keep meaning to update with a post about cake. Several cakes, in fact, because I’ve offered to bake a friend’s wedding cake and this, of course, requires two months of practice cakes. But what with the new job and finally finding a new apartment after a catastrophic adventure in trying to live in a hutong only to discover that they never finished the construction that they guaranteed by a certain date, plus two surprise and sort of actually really stressful family visits, and a good amount of whiskey, I haven’t really found the time or effort. Also, my kitchen implements right now consist of a pot, a a pair of chopsticks, a penknife, and a rolling pin, because I’m really, really good at packing. Obviously.

So my new apartment is going to be awesome, and personal dance parties will be starting once I find some curtains (neighbors don’t need to see that), only I spent all my money at IKEA and somehow ended up without a single bookshelf, which is what I went there to buy in the first place. And most of my stuff is still in two other apartments because I can only carry a backpack or a suitcase at a time. So I promise entries about cake and other delicious things eventually as soon as I’m not spread out between three apartments, have all my stuff put away, and am actually in a position to start cooking again.

And living by myself for the first time! Not going to lie, I have already freaked out about the flooding sound the bathroom makes when the apartment next door flushes their toilet, freaked out that someone was breaking in at 4 in the morning only to realize the noise was coming from a street cleaner out on the road, freaked out about the noise made when the hot water turns on, and swept and mopped the floors so many times I’ve lost count. Because I want everything to be clean before I put my stuff away (because the apartment will never be as clean again) but then every time the landlady came by to install something or fix something (which was many, many times) the people would never take off their freaking shoes and tracked in dust and plaster dust everywhere and then i had to clean again. And I hate mopping floors with a passion. I really need to find an a-yi. But I digress. Cake. Next time. I promise.


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