You know those days where you’re exhausted and pushing yourself to stay awake and all you want is to go home and sleep? And then you finally get home after the longest day ever, you force yourself to eat dinner and then finally get into bed, get all comfy, and your brain starts to say “haha, fuck you!” and doesn’t let you go to sleep for hours while you lie there and stare at the ceiling? Well, that was yesterday.

I finally drifted off at some wee hour in the morning, and woke up at 6 shortly before my alarm. I was painfully still tired, so I thought, I’l reset my alarm for 7:30 and feel much better.
Only, I slept through three alarms and woke up at 8:45 and my bike lock refused to unlock so I had to run to work and the extra time in bed didn’t make me any less exhausted.

I’m so useless and brain dead this morning that after my first cup of tea, I went to get a refill. I already had a spoon in my cup, but forgot even though I was looking straight at my mug, and pulled out a new spoon from the drawer to mix in sugar and didn’t realize it until I was mixing the tea and started to wonder why it was so difficult and that it was because there was a spoon in my tea. And the a-yi started laughing at me.

In light of this, and the fact that I only didn’t accidentally send half an unfinished email because I had forgotten to fill in the subject line and Outlook kindly asked me what the hell I thought I was doing sending a work email with no subject, I decided to draw self portraits all morning because clearly if I do anything vaguely work related I will screw it up abominably. I’m surprised I still have the ability to type coherent words.

And of course, by self portraits I mean doodles of robots.

Taped this to my computer to motivate myself

Self explanatory

Need. MORE. Caffeine.

My homage to Juanita Weasel

A reminder for a friend

My alter egos, Starscream and Toaster

Well, you probably are.

If I can't nurse someone back to health, poking them and asking them to heal should work

It’s Wednesday. Another long day with an event after work…just another day and then there will be adventures in bacon-making. Yes. Robots and bacon. Be prepared.

There. Will. Be. BACON.


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