Spiced Chicken over Cherry Tomato Couscous

After a busy day of many little projects, I stopped off at Jenny Lou’s to pick up some bread and cheese and a few vegetables for dinner (Sawyer had cooked the last of our Sanyuanli purchases for dinner the night before). I wanted to try something a little different. And quick, since I was famished.

Unfortunately that “quick” desire kind of fell apart because I’m a clumsy oaf who managed to saw open my finger with a bread knife while I tried to open a bag. Upside, I discovered the bread knife was pretty sharp, and the cut isn’t too terrible. Downside, blood everywhere. And iodine stings. I patched myself up and very slowly and one-handedly diced up two smallish carrots, one small yellow onion, three cloves of garlic, one rib of celery and a bulb of fennel.

I heated olive oil in a pan and softened the onion first, for about seven minutes over medium heat, then I added the garlic, celery, carrots and fennel with a sprinkle of salt. While that was cooking I cut a bowl of cherry tomatoes in half, and tossed them in the pan, warming them through. Set a cup and a half of water with a spoonful of chicken bouillon powder to boil, then added a cup of couscous, removed it from heat and covered (I love how fast couscous cooks!) After about 5 minutes I removed the cover, fluffed it up with a fork, added one Tbs of butter, a liberal pour of olive oil, the vegetables, a pinch of cumin, paprika, salt and pepper, and tossed it thoroughly.

I set that aside and pulled out two chicken breasts I had thawed. Cut them in half for smaller, thinner pieces, and seasoned with salt, pepper, parprika, cumin, and the lightest sprinkle of chili powder, then sauteed them, about 7-8 minutes per side on medium low heat. Then I sliced them and served over the couscous.


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