Robot’s Birthday Dinners

After work some of the younger crowd went to Happy Hour for a drink to relax after a particularly busy week. Centro, in the Kerry Center, has some particularly good martinis. I ordered a very dirty gin martini. It was good, but they were stingy with their olives–one large one. I don’t want one big gourmet olive. I want several little olives that I can use to break up the taste of gin. We asked the waitress to bring more for everyone. She begrudgingly brought six, complaining that they were very expensive, and she only brought those out because our PR guy has some weird black magic (seriously, we asked for a table, they say it’s all reserved. He pulls her aside, we get seated immediately).

So this past Monday was my birthday. Since we headed to Sanya for the weekend to attend a wedding, and had plans with friends to go to dinner Monday, on Friday Sawyer took me out to dinner to Karaiyah Spice House. I met him after drinks at Centro, trying very hard to only nibble on a few of their addictive bar peanuts. We ordered far too much food.Started out with a chafing dish of assorted mushrooms and a plate of eggplant coated in a spicy red sauce, and a bowl of pork fried rice.

Mixed Mushrooms and Hot Peppers

Spicy Pork Fried Rice

Everything was spicy and delicious. Karaiyah is known apparently for their ribs, so we ordered a plate, only to discover that one order is huge. A giant platter of what my dad used to tell us baby-robots was Brontosaurus ribs. They definitely lived up to the hype, although I could only eat a few bites–so spicy and getting kind of full at this point. And then they brought me out a bowl of birthday noodles! No, really, I guess they’re similar to “long-life noodles” that you’re not supposed to cut. Sawyer mentioned it was my birthday and noodles appeared. At least they didn’t sing.

Brontosaurus-sized Platter of Ribs

Birthday Noodles

I had originally planned to celebrate Monday night with friends at a Brazilian barbecue restaurant, but a series of events (the restaurant not being listed online, getting the wrong number from their sister chain in another neighborhood, our plane from Sanya being delayed) caused me to cancel, and instead just meet everyone for a dumpling party at crowd-favorite Baoyuan Jiaoziwu. We ordered something like 122 dumpling plus a few sides for the nine of us, and consumed every last bit. Of course, we got 5 orders of the purple crack dumplings, plus 6 other different types. Delicious.


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