The Universe Has a Dark Sense of Humor

My computer is broken and I was waiting for when it was fixed to post so I could include pictures, but something is apparently wrong with something on the motherboard (as a robot I really should know my technology better) so here are posts without pictures. You’ll just have to use your imaginations.
I’ve really been enjoying the new gym, only…there are days when I go and work out and run and sauna and then come home and eat an entire plate of bacon for dinner because I’m too exhausted to do anything else. I think I’m doing it wrong.

Things I learned this week: my 3-year old student, Peach, can differentiate luxury brand cars. Her mom rented out the business center of this super swanky hotel in CBD for her lesson on Monday. Afterward, they offered me a ride home, so I was waiting with Peach in the lobby while she pulled me around by the hand to show me everything, and then in the parking lot she stared chirping “That’s a BMW and that’s an Audi and that’s a Mercedes and that’s a Ferarri and my daddy has a BMW and an Audi.” Wow, kid. I can barely recognize Fords and Toyotas, and I’m twenty years older than you.

Tuesday, I had one last dinner out with my friend-of-a-friend and his coworker. I took them to Crescent Moon, which has apparently been rated one of the top Xinjiang restaurants in Beijing (and the price reflects that rating). Our normal hole-in-the-wall Xinjiang place has great food and for the family, only costs about 60 total (and the boys eat a lot!). For 9 lamb chuanr, a noodle dish, a lamb dish, and veggies, plus tea, coke and yogurt, it came to 180 yuan. A price that I was willing to let their company pay for but I probably won’t go back. The food was great, however. The chaopianr, square flat rice noodles in a tomato based sauce with vegetables, was amazing. The lamb and fried naan pieces, my standby Xinjiang favorite, was almost better than our usual haunt. The homemade yogurt was great, especially as a sauce on the spicy lamb. I didn’t like the lamb chuanr very much–the pieces were too big, and so they dried out, were chewy, not enough flavor. My guests were slightly less discerning and loved them.

Wednesday was a long day, with lots of work to be done, and two other interns and I simply went down to the supermarket in the basement for cucumber rolls for a quick lunch at our desks. I had lessons after work, and not 30 seconds after leaving to get to the train station, thunder pealed and big fat raindrops started coming down and I got completely soaked. Eh, a little rain wasn’t going to bother me. I dried off on subway ride and was glad to see that further south, the rain hadn’t started. And then, not 30 seconds after I left the entrancce of the subway, thunder rumbled again and another downpour started. What a day to forget an umbrella! Still, I’ve been relentlessly cheerful and smiling all week, everything just going really well, so walking around in muddy wet pants? Not a problem.
After that lesson I had a new student in a nearby neighborhood. I had drawn myself a map and tried to walk there, but got hopelessly lost in the dark. I flagged a cab, explained that I was lost and showed him where I was going. He took me, shook his head, told me a pretty girl shouldn’t be out walking because of “lao pao” which I can only assume is something bad, but then didn’t start the meter (further inquiries have informed me that ‘pao’ means cannon and ‘pao you’ or cannon-friend, means friends with benefits. So…old cannon? Um, ew?). When I got to where I think I was supposed to be, I asked him how much. He gave me a weird sort of smile, so I just handed him 10 kuai and ran out. Creepy cabbie. My new student never answered the phone and I wasn’t sure if I was in the right apartment complex, so I wandered around for about 20 minutes, then gave up and cabbed to Cera’s house for dinner. I made a comment about how this past week or so had just been going really well, and I’ve just been so happy and smiling incessantly and seriously, if I was someone else, I would vomit on me just to ruin my day.

Robot, you really need to stop tempting the universe. It hears what you say and has a sense of humor.

I got home and Ginny had cooked something in the kitchen–I opened the door, smelled food, and instantly felt nauseous. I tucked myself up on the couch with a cup of herbaltea, but then Bambi had ordered a pizza and it arrived, and he brought it into the living room and the smell made me run for the bathroom.

Spent all of Thursday in bed dry heaving at the smell or sight of food. I woke up, took a shower, tried to get dressed, and couldn’t stand. Trying to send an email in to work, I discovered my computer was broken. How was I going to watch zombies to make myself feel better? Luckily I have an iPad so I managed to entertain myself and read some books, and discover that the two other interns who ate the same thing I did were both vilely ill.

Cracker and juice diet for a day and a half. The universe doesn’t like it when I’m overly cheerful, point noted. Totally made me sick just to make a statement about me being too happy.

Dinner on Friday with my boss, her visiting son, and several coworkers. We got into a rickshaw accident on the way over. Nothing serious, but the rickshaw driver behind us crashed into the back of ours, and an intern was rocketed out onto the middle of the street. He was up and walking it off before I even realized what happened. Dinner was really quite good, at the Bellagio, a Taiwanese chain. Dragon beans, lightly fried tofu in sauce, crispy chicken, etc, but the desserts and juices were the highlight. I had a carafe of cranberry and mango juice with jelly. Fresh and icy delicious, and the table shared peanut ice cream, oreo ice, and mango custard.


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