Tairyo Teppanyaki and a Dragon Boat Picnic

A long, busy week and a half, I’ve barely had time to breathe, let alone write anything. The end of last week was also a long, slow, miserable crawl back to feeling somewhat healthy.

On Friday, I met up with Cera after a blissfully cut short tutoring session (the mom was worried I’d get her son sick) and we headed to Yashou to buy a Longchamp purse for me (dark green, 40 kuai, I decided it was about time I stopped using my Korean cat-face bag at work, it’s not the most professional thing), a pair of earrings for Cera, and to find a curling iron for Bambi’s visiting mom. We made our way to Tairyo, a teppanyaki restaurant that the other interns have been talking up forever, for farewell dinner.

So the best thing to do is order a set menu, that is, you pay 178 RMB per person, and then get as much as you can eat and drink. And then you try and get your money’s worth.
It was a really great dinner. We started with warm sake and a grilled fish. It was flaky and moist and flavorful with miso and soy and butter. They brought platters of sushi as well. Icy, silk soft tuna and yellow tail and salmon. Grilled shrimp. Bundles of enoki mushrooms wrapped in beef. Salt and pepper crispy chicken wings. Chicken thighs sliced and diced. Large pieces of beef seasoned with some alcohol, a rush of fire, then cut into bite size morsels and seared medium rare. The beef was tender as tuna, melt in your mouth butter soft. An amazing lamb chop. More beef. More chicken. A beef short rib. Large slices of king oyster mushrooms. Everything was doused in soy and butter and absolutely amazing. We ate and ate and drank sake and eventually moved onto ice cold Asahi, and for dessert, lightly battered bananas set on fire and served with ice cream. They tasted like cake.

Sushi Platter

Chicken Wings and Meat Enoki Rolls Grilling

Massive Sake-Fueled Flames

Salt Sprinkling Onto Beef

Robots Like Sake.

Delectable Lambchop and King Oyster Mushroom

We left Tairyo’s in high spirits; you could have rolled me out. I ate so much and it was all so good. My friend AH is leaving for the summer and hosted a good bye party at Hotel G that night, so we all went to stop by for a little. The room…just amazing. The bathroom was almost the size of the rest of the room. It had a stand alone bathtub that made me ache with jealousy. The comforter felt like sleeping on a cloud.

The rest of the interns really wanted to go out clubbing but still in recovery mode, I went home to sleep. Missed another practice, but had a lovely breakfast with Bambi’s visiting parents at their hotel and a very productive weekend. A long week of work events, a lot of new responsibilities suddenly piling up, and very little free time. Tuesday Bambi’s parents were wonderful and took us and Allie and Dina back the Baoyuan Jiaoziguan, where we gorged on delicious, colorful dumplings and described what life was like to them. Thursday Cera and some of the other girls from the office went to Xiu Bar, they had been talking up this ladies’ night thing for a few weeks. It was fun to hang out with the girls, but in retrospect, I think I’ll stick to trivia, beer, and pizza on Thursdays. The main attraction about Xiu is their apparently awesome terrace, but it was closed. The bar was crowded, the drinks were either over priced or watery, and we stayed out too late. I had to hop the fence to get back home.

Saturday practice was long and the air was filled with all sorts of pollutants and something burning or smelling like turpentine, and I got a bit of sun (read; kinda red). Our normal post-practice restaurant was closed for repairs, so we found a small Sichuan place that was decent. Ginny went to place Settlers of Catan with some boys and I was all ready for bed with a book and no pants on in bed, when I got a call from Bambi “Hey a couple people are coming over for Disney power hour I just wanted to give you a heads up so you had time to put pants on.” They know me too well.


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