It’s amazing how a little bit of fashion tape can turn a clubbing shirt into a suitable and appropriate work shirt. Although the fact that I know this is possibly a sign that I desperately need a shopping spree.

I’ve gone a long time without that smoldering anger brought on by skeevy attention. That is to say, while I’ve been hit on here a fair amount-and sometimes in just the silliest way imaginable, I mean, hey why wouldn’t I consider going to Sweden to “play polo” with someone I just met..oh wait I’m not crazy–and people do often stare, it took some flabby faced, drunken American tourists to notch it up to that special creep factor that make my skin crawl and my fists ache to break a nose. I’m not really sure why men–and I use that term loosely here–think that it is acceptable to say inappropriate and derogatory statements to complete strangers, but it’s infuriating. That coupled with some aggressive dancing at me almost spoiled an otherwise very fun evening. Boys, really. First of all, trying to dance-hump a girl you don’t know is not the way to pick up a lady. Some of us go out to actually dance, not simulate sex in public. Secondly, if that girl maintains a lack of contact between you, then shakes her head and moves far away from you, she’s not interested. If she then says, I’m not interested, well, guess what, she’s not interested. Don’t follow her, or yell “oh come on,” or persist until another male edges you off. You’re not doing yourself any favors. I shouldn’t have to make a guy friend dance with me in order to scare you off.

Somehow this past week flew by. Thursday the other interns from work had a little get together. After teaching, I joined them for White Russians, the Big Lebowski, and Gung Ho pizza. The thing about White Russians is that while they taste good, milk and alcohol really shouldn’t be friends, and drinking more than one makes me feel sick. The rest of the interns went out to Sanli, but I headed home for some much needed sleep. I thought about being social Friday night, but after tutoring was drained. I went home to Hector, and enjoyed some quality time with the kitteh, who fell asleep lying on my back.

Saturday I woke up too late to accomplish anything before Frisbee. It was a long practice in the hot sun on dusty dry fields with a stiff breeze. A few people told me that I was improving, but I don’t see it. I still feel I’m running around with no idea what I’m doing. Another team dinner outside despite the wind, although there was no drunken entertainment this time. After a long shower to wash off the layer of dust, and a few hours of peace, I met up for a casual little get together with mostly Frisbee people at a friend’s apartment, then we motivated to get to Sanlitun. A stop for guan-bing at the street carts, then Miga’s where we sprawled on bed-like cushions for ten minutes before we decided we would probably fall asleep, and went to Bar Blue instead. I went home earlier than everyone else (including the boys) and still was out too late.

Sunday was a long day of work but surprisingly satisfying. My free-talk girl is bright and talkative, the Mongolian boy continues to be surprisingly clever, contradicting the negative comments his schoolteachers made, and the problem girl made excellent progress and didn’t cry a single time. I got her to focus 90% of the time which was amazing. And when I went to teach the four year old, her pee-happy little brother was not at home. It would have been a better day if I had eaten or slept more. One of the teachers brought me a cup of coffee in the afternoon when I was flagging, and the lack of food and overabundance of caffeine made me jittery and shaky. By the time I got home (took a cab, thought I would be sick if I tried to deal with public transport), I was nauseous, weak and dizzy. I tossed together some eggs to eat immediately, insisting that Bambi call for Xinjiang food in the meantime.

I continue to discover new and good things to eat for lunch. Today, Cera and another intern and I went to a little cafe with excellent salads and sandwiches. I got grilled eggplant, zucchini, and cucumber with lettuce, tomato, dressing, and melty cheese on ciabatta. One of the best sandwiches I’ve had in a while. To top it off, the FroBio free sample lady caught me, and I caved and bought a small cherry froyo with fresh strawberries. Since I had been considering eating just a big froyo for lunch, I suppose I’ll call it a healthy victory.

And for your viewing pleasure, some more pictures of Hector


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