Kitten Kitten Kitten

Kitten Update: It’s a boy! We took him to the vet and discovered his gender. We had been under the impression it was a girl, and had compiled a bunch of girl names, so now we’re at a loss and must brainstorm boy names. The vet had some slightly more depressing news: the poor little morsel had some intestinal issues, was dehydrated, and didn’t start eating he would die. He gave us some antibiotic powder to sprinkle over food, but was very pessimistic.

We have coddled and spoiled and loved the illness right out of that fluff ball. Either that or the antibiotics are like healing-crack powder. Mr. Fuzzypants is eating-daintily at first, I had to hand feed him individual pebbles softened and crumbled, but now he’s comfortable eating out of his bowl-and capering around and climbing us and nuzzling and in general being a kitten, and more amazingly, already popping in a litterbox. It’s a wonderful recovery from the first on-the-edge evening. Our little baby is also kind of dumb, I must, say, lacking some sense of survival skill. We have a second floor ledge, and we’ve been keeping him in a small room and been quite vigilant. We let him explore in small doses and always supervise him closely. He was by his bedroom door, 10 feet away from the stair ledge, when without warning, in an incredible burst of speed, booked it for the ledge, and dove over the edge. I screamed, Bambi almost had a heart attack, I flung my self down the stairs almost in tears, to find Lemming McSadface pouting, lying on the stairs, a little bit shocked but otherwise fine. Terrifying. We haven’t allowed him to do anything stupid since

Life is beginning to get real busy these days. Work at the new internship and then teaching usually for an hour afterwards is killing my cooking time-been ordering in or slapping together the fastest meals possible. I came home Friday night at 8:00, and after devouring some noodles with fried egg (it took me all of 10 minutes to make and eat) ended up dozing off while playing with kitten. I woke up when Bambi and another friend came back after dinner and tried to convince me to go out with them. I agreed, and went downstairs to change from pajamas to a pair of jeans, but ended up crawling into bed and falling sleep as they left.

After a long day of practice in the heat, 12 of us went to dinner and sat outside since the weather was fairly nice. We were treated to dinner and a show, as apparently sometime in the early afternoon a Chinese party had occurred at the restaurant, and the incredibly drunk patrons were still causing some minor ruckuses. One really blitzed couple came stumbling out, the man could barely stand, and they were arguing, and he had at one point just Hulk-ed out and torn his shirt at his collar. Had they been more sober the fight would have been bad because he was trying to hit her, and if he did, there would have been about 5 tall laowai Frisbee guys and possibly a few outraged girls coming at him, but as it was they were mostly wavering and just not-collapsing. In the meantime, two other guys dragged out a third friend by his arms-he was literally dead passed out on the ground. The waitresses were standing around with paroxysms of laughter while the pretty sloshed guys heaved their pal into a corner and left him, tottering back inside. A few guys were worried he might choke and die, and walked over and insisted that they roll him on his side, which turned out to probably saved his life, since he started spewing copious amounts of beer not moments after. Keep in mind, this is all at 5 in the afternoon. Just…ridiculous.

I mustered the energy to go out and be social, but it wasn’t a particularly memorable evening; a quiet hutong bar with good but expensive imported beer, sanli jiubajie and some dirt cheap seats at a bar outside then a hot and crowded club with semi decent music for a little bit of dancing, but I was overeager to eat some chuanr, go home, and get to bed. Ginny and Bambi insisted we ride one of the bicycle taxis because the two of them had the night before. Here’s a tip: these things are fine if you’re going a short distance. However, if there are THREE of you, and two of them happen to be tall lanky boys, don’t do it. If you’re going a long way that includes several major intersections in which the bike man might precariously stop with much squealing of breaks and almost tipping of cart, don’t do it. If it’s getting chilly out and you’re only wearing a t-shirt, and you are uncomfortable because you are halfway sitting on two people’s lap, clinging for your life to a rickety ass rickshaw, don’t do it.

A long day of teaching today, ending with a noodle shop for dinner and a phone call home to my grandmothers and my mom to say Happy Mother’s Day. I desperately need a day to rest, and yet, the week is starting tomorrow.


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