I made it out to Wudaokou last week to practice some throws with one of the girls from Frisbee. President Hu was at Qinghua University so we went to BLCU to throw on their field. We got to witness about two hundred students during gym class-that is, all lined up and marching in place to symphony music, and then doing all sorts of calisthenics in place. It was hard to keep from giggling.

Dina and I spent one afternoon at the Silk Market shopping, keeping my eye out for things to wear to a black-and-white themed Frisbee party and also for shoes and clothes for the office. I came away with a nice haul of cardigans, shiny new flats, and an adorable bow tie for the party. Later that evening I joined Bambi and Ginny at Ya Shou for another round of shopping, this time for our costumes. we decided on a team theme of spy vs. spy. Black and white fedoras, black and white ties, white jeans…it was quite the plan.

My computer then promptly crashed. Bambi tried to fix it but it was hopeless. I was quite worried that I would have to buy a new computer and lose all my documents and pictures, but as a last attempt, I spent most of Friday afternoon at the Bainaohui on Chaoyangmen Wai. It’s a big computer and electronics complex, a smaller and closer Zhongguancun, and on the third floor there were some repair stalls. It took a while, some muddled translation and communication, and a lot of poking around, but the girl there managed to get all the files and fix the hard drive, although she installed all these Chiinese programs, so I may have Bambi just fix it more. With a big sigh of relief, I left the Bainao, was walking down the street, when suddenly there was an ominous crack of thunder and the skies opened up. I half slid my way on the slippery side walks in my flipflops to the nearest Watsons for a little bit of shelter, and waited out the worst of the rain. It abated mostly so I started walking home, but the lack of precipitatiom didn’t prevent me from being splashed by a few buses and cars, or getting China all over my nearly bare feet. No where near s bad as Shenyang where on occasion, I had no choice but to wade down ankle deep rivers of muddy brown water flooding streets and sidewalks everytie there was a slight rain storm, but still gross. I came home, sulked a little bit and showered, then packed for my very first Frisbee tournament, as we were set to depart that night.


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