The Short Lived Battle Bike

China gives and China takes, is the lesson that I’ve learned over the past three months, but particularly in the past two days. The family watched the Little Mermaid and a fantastic episode of Top Gear in which they go to Vietnam (making me long even more to travel there), I’ve been going to the gym somewhat regularly, and today I got a job offer and a less concrete offer of interest and to see what they might have suitable for me within five minutes of each other. But two of my students (one of my favorites and the other my most frequent student, hence my money-maker) decided to stop taking classes for a while, and the real kicker, when I went down to go to the grocery store, I discovered that my bike was missing.

God damn it China. I liked that bike. It worked. It was new. It was fairly inexpensive. I had gone to the used bike store, been depressed by the options, and then some random sketchy man on the sidewalk wheeled it up to me like an answer to a prayer, and now it’s gone. I had it for less than three months. It was shiny and blue and had a basket and had BATTLE written on the side of it, which I think made it quite an apt ride for a Decepticon such as myself. It survived my incident with the car. I took great pains to lock it up inside the door rather than leaving it outside. Screw you, bike thieves. You suck. Shakespearian curses are fomenting in my brain right now, but I’m angry and not very eloquent so I’ll spare you the vulgar details. All the joy of being employed is being replaced by seething resentment against bike thieves. Now I’m going to have to go bake myself another cake and eat my feelings and ruin all the work I did at the gym. Thanks China. Thanks a lot. (And by that I mean I’ll get over it tomorrow and buy another, shittier bike since I sort of expected this to happen from the beginning.)


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