Robot Gets Hit By A Car

I have this really long post about my wonderful trip to Seoul that I keep meaning to post but deciding which of the many photos I took to post seems daunting, and I’ve been tired and lazy the past few days.

I was going to be super productive today, starting with a class at nine, then going to the bank, maybe getting some shopping done, job applications, studying, even going to gym for a hard workout.

None of that happened. I woke up to a bright and shiny morning, forecast of 76 degrees, and cheerfully I hopped on my bike and started off to work. And then BAM I got hit by a fucking car.

I am a safe biker. I do not cross the street unless there is a crossing light. I do not take the unnecessary risks almost every other biker I see does. I ride slowly and am always on the lookout for cars. So of course, I get hit by a car going approximately 3 miles an hour pulling out of a driveway. I was DIRECTLY in front of him. Two bikers had ALREADY passed safely. He literally started his car with the intent to roll into me. Thankfully he was going so slowly, I didn’t even get knocked over all the way. In shock and anger a vehement slew of curses and violent invectives spewed out of me while I struggled to get out of the bike lane and next to the sidewalk so I could inspect my leg and bike for damage. I looked down for FIVE SECONDS to make sure I wasn’t bleeding and that my bike was functional. And the driver disappeared. All sorts of angry thoughts are running through my head and I wish I had written down his license lumber, but if I see that man again I’m going to key his car. Luckily, my bike wasn’t damaged at all and there were only a bad bruise on my ankle, and some pain in thigh. Mostly I was shaken, but I don’t think China cares about emotional damage. I called up the school, told them I had been hit by a car and was going to a doctor, and slowly made my way home to curl up in bed.

My new plan for the day is to sit around with ice, a fistful of ibuprofen, watch as the bruises blossom and swell up, make grumpy noises as pain and new bruises make themselves known to me, and possibly eventually hobble towards the kitchen for food.


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