A Very Blustery Day

Going back and forth from work on Tuesday was incredibly trying, fighting the wind. The only way to describe it is blustery. The wind has been steadily picking up the past couple days-the effort it took to bike back seemed nearly double the usual. Biking home was against the wind the entire way, and at one point I thought I was going to be blown backwards. I got home and my resolve to work out disappeared, although I did walk to both the Wumart and the vegetable market.

So my sorghum grain and cauliflower experiment didn’t go very well. It all ended up being a bland mush. I overcooked the sorghum (put it in the rice cooker with what I hoped was the right amount of water. Whoops). I followed a recipe that I had found online for a “curry sauce” but it was just coconut milk, curry powder, some chili powder, salt and black pepper to make a sort of vinaigrette. I had also added in some tofu for extra protein. I can only describe the sorghum as a bland, mushy barley experience. The whole thing wasn’t terrible, and pretty healthy if you think about it: steamed cauliflower, whole grains, protein, some seasoning, no oil, a little bit of salt. Bambi didn’t like it, Ginny ate a bowl but didn’t love it, and was reminded of the mush from the Matrix-highly nutritional, but otherwise…bleh. I will not be making this again. I didn’t even bother taking a picture, it’s just…beige. A big bowl of off-white.

I spent most of my afternoon trying to plan out what country to go visit (my visa requires I leave China every 90 days. What a great excuse to see the rest of Asia!). My choices were Seoul, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Hong Kong and Taipei. My biggest issues: I don’t really speak the languages of the cheaper destinations, and I have to get over my fear/dislike of traveling by myself. I would most like to go back to Taipei to visit friends and family, and I’m most familiar/comfortable with it, but at this point it’s the least likely, and I should really try to go to new countries. So I’ve decided to go to Seoul for a day and a half, mostly because it’s the cheapest and the shortest plane ride. I’ve got just over 24 hours since I’ll be arriving late in the evening and leaving early in the morning, and I’m trying to plan out the most efficient, enjoyable speed tourism. It would be a lot simpler if Google maps would work, but China seems to really dislike me having a functioning internet.

Feeling a bit sniffly when I woke up this morning, I decided to make chicken soup for lunch. I softened some onion and carrot with minced garlic and ginger, then added chicken stock I made yesterday and some water. I diced up a chicken breast, beat in water salt, and cornstarch, and quickly tossed it in some oil (I don’t like chicken soup where the meat is dry and tough and boiled), and added it into the soup. Brought it to a boil then lowered heat to a simmer. Added in some of the steamed but unseasoned cauliflower from yesterday cut into tiny florets, and an egg beaten with some milk and chili oil (my version of egg-drop soup). Lastly I tossed in some of the cooked but unseasoned sorghum from yesterday as well. Seasoned with salt, a generous amount of black pepper and some Magi seasoning (this stuff is magical. I use it in everything, if you hadn’t noticed). The soup came out very well and healthy and all that.

Things I want to try to make in the near future: steamed or braised chicken with coconut milk and pandan (I just have to find some pandan), stove top macaroni and cheese, or possibly stove top lasagna as I just stumbled across a recipe for it, and I’ll probably throw together another batch of Bolognese sauce since I have a bag of tomatoes and to tide the boys over when I’m gone (I mean, I’m only going to be away 2 nights but I have my doubts on them feeding themselves…)

And now back I go to Wumart since we’ve somehow decimated the all juice and yogurt that I bought yesterday.


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