Saturday evening we hosted yet another Disney Power Hour after a delicious dinner of kaoya. This time I sat on the side and didn’t drink and just sang along, and subsequently have had Disney songs stuck in my head all week.

Allie and Dina and Bambi were being nostalgic about their study abroad semester where they frequented a club called GT Banana, and so they convinced us all to go. It turned out to be a pretty fun evening, watching the most ridiculous of dancing Asian men wearing sunglasses inside, foam and confetti and bubbles raining down on the ceiling, winning the dance floor. Almost worth the obnoxious pushy men who try to dance with you by forcibly pulling you towards them until you stare daggers at them and threaten grievous bodily harm in multiple languages. The girls and I caught a cab home well past my bedtime, and much to my annoyance, discovered that someone had chained up all the gates to our apartment. Seriously? Seriously? Who does that and why? There is NO point to locking the gates, what if you had an emergency and needed to leave? We had to climb over the god damn spiky dirty fence. I was not pleased.

Sunday was a busy day where all my lessons were weirdly spaced apart starting at 9:30 and lasting until 5:30, so I biked back and forth several times. Ginny won the party with consequences, and I checked back in on him on intervals and fed him because clearly I live with two boys who can’t function as real people. Our fridge was nearly empty so I restocked some basics, but had no room to put anything, because of all the leftover beer. Seriously, I pulled open the produce drawer to get some vegetables for an omelet at lunch, and discovered a few more da pings hiding with the zucchini and peppers.

Exhausted after biking perhaps 12K total, and trying to impart English knowledge for four straight hours, I joined Ginny and Bambi at Dongzhimen for dinner at a restaurant called Chuan Ba 串吧, for, straight forwardly enough, chuanr. Pretty much everything tastes better when it’s grilled on a stick. We ordered massive amounts of food-sweet potato, potato, eggplant, black pepper beef, chicken and pork “strings,” Thai honey chicken wings, grilled bread and mian tou (small white buns), more chicken and pork, and lamb. Almost every thing was great; juicy, well spiced, flavorful, tender, and the sweet potato was awesome (I happen to be a big fan of most of the super fruits and vegetables) except the lamb. It was bland, tough, unfortunate. It even lacked the distinct flavor that lamb has, which in the back of my mind makes me suspect that perhaps we were eating something else, but I didn’t want to consider it too thoroughly since I enjoyed everything else.

The girls returned from their real estate adventures and some da bao’d food. We sat around discussing their housing options, and even though I had been quite full of meat on a stick, the really delicious family style fried noodles were sitting in front of me, and the fattest panda just had to nibble on them. Om nom nom.

I taught a three year old today. She really is the most adorable. Let’s call her Peach. She’s got this little bowl cut and she reminds me of my sisters when we were tiny and adorable and looked more Asian. I’m unsure of what three year old kids in America are capable of as far as being able to speak English, so I think that hers is pretty good. I read part of Winnie the Pooh during the lesson, and Peach mimicked my words as I read each sentence, but didn’t always understand what I was saying until I explained it in Chinese.

After the lesson I hopped on a bus and met the family in Shuangjing to look at a potential apartment for the girls. It was a bit of a walk from the station and there are some issues with price and whatnot, but the view was beautiful, it was spacious, and there was an oven. Wherever the girls end up, I’m hoping an oven might make an appearance. I was dying for a piece of almond cake last night, and would love to make batches of cookies.

We ate lunch at a little xiao chi place near the Today Art Museum. Four baskets of the cutest little dumplings ever (I’ve got to stop forgetting to bring my camera around with me), some noodles with pork belly in a peanut sauce that was kind of dry, rather salty bok choi, and a small, soggy ji pai over rice. The boys ordered delivery home from the cab on our way back, but I fell asleep studying on my bed before it arrive. I woke up a few hours later, disoriented, and remembered my bike was still at work. I decided to make a trip of it and hit up Jenny Lou’s for some foreign supplies. More mac and cheese for Bambi, whiskey for Ginny, red wine and vegetables and ground beef so I could make another big pot of bolognese, and brie and crackers for Allie and Dina.

The girls came home from yet more apartments while I was apron-ed and adding the last touches to my sauce before letting it simmer; we made a pretty excellent dinner out of leftovers and a few more da bao’d dishes.

Finishing my evening with an episode of Top Gear with the boys. I’m not really even into cars, but I’ve rapidly become addicted to this show. They’re just so British and funny and trolling each other. And pretty cars going really fast in pretty places.


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