Today was long. I had demos all morning and into the afternoon. I somehow agreed to teach a woman English although she’s Korean and doesn’t even speak Chinese, so I’m not sure how I’m going to explain things to her, but she wants to learn English in order to watch Desperate Housewives.

Worked at the Kitchen again tonight. It was a good time with a nice crowd of people, a few who knew the people I worked with last summer. Dice and Chairman are going to Bali on a business trip tomorrow, which makes me kind of jealous.

I came home with a bit of a bottle of white and a bottle of red, after snacking on the remnants of the batch of black sesame vanilla bourbon ice cream. The family was watching Top Gear, which is rapidly becoming one of my favorite shows. I joined them with my ill-gotten spoils, then decided to go to bed, since I was feeling a little bit mopey. Another one of my cousins got married this weekend and all of my extended family is together right now to celebrate my grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary, and I’ve been missing everyone. The guests at dinner had all spent some time in my hometown, either based there or from there at some point, and hearing them talk about restaurants and things to do around home, as well as reading a brief email from my people and thinking about everyone back at home has been making me feel a tad bit homesick.

The boys actually noticed that I was being a bit glum, but their reaction was to think that they could fix my mood by the following two things: 1) chucking grape and lemon Hi-Chews at my face and 2) asking “would it make you feel better to make us ramen with fried eggs?”

First of all, I really do like Hi-Chews, they are tasty, tasty Asian starbursts, but having them thrown at me and showcasing my spectacular clumsiness (flailing and batting projectiles away from me instead of catching them) didn’t really make me feel cheerful. But I was hungry so I decided ramen was the way to go, and even actually fried up some eggs for all of us to put on top (a fried or poached egg really completes the instant noodles experience). We ate our ramen listening to techno and drinking red wine, since, no one is allowed to feel sad while listening to techno, according to Bambi. I went back to bed after that, sitting and reading, but they decided I still wasn’t happy enough, and invaded to “robot cuddle” which isn’t actually nice, it just entails stealing my pillows and making fun of me until I start giggling because there is no other response to the ridiculousness.

But honestly I mostly just keep laughing because they asked me with so much sincerity if cooking them a midnight snack would make me feel better, and then, when I sort of agreed to since it also benefited me, they tried to shut me in the kitchen. Boys. If I didn’t love them so much I’d stab them in their sleep.


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